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Introducing the ARB Weekender Recovery kit. With a slim design, this simple kit can be easily stored in any vehicle, keeping vital recovery equipment on hand for when the need arises. The kit includes the high-quality ARB 17,500 lb vehicle recovery strap (ARB705LB), which won several recovery strap tests in Australia and around the world.

It also includes two type S galvanized 4.75t rated shackles, one set of leather gloves, and a rugged PU coated cotton canvas recovery bag with dual internal pockets bathed in the ARB topographic styling. The dual compartments provide space for a recovery dampener (sold separately) to further compliment your weekend recovery setup. When selecting a vehicle recovery snatch strap, it is recommended that the minimum breaking strength of the strap should be between 2 and 3 times the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of any vehicle it is used with, and that the strap must be suited to the GVM of the lighter of the 2 vehicles used in the recovery process.

Therefore, the 8,000kg / 17,500 lbs recovery strap is suitable for vehicles with a GVM between the range of 2,650- 4,000kg or 5845- 8800 lbs.



    • 17,600lbs snatch strap
    • Two 4.75T bow shackles
    • Recovery gloves





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