50.000 KWD

Specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance, using an ARB snatch strap is a very effective method of extracting a bogged or immobilised 4WD when a second vehicle is present.

The unique design of the strap allows it to stretch and return to its original length, aiding in recovery and greatly reducing the likelihood of vehicle damage.

Off-road recovery is a situation that many off-road drivers have encountered at some point. While some may use a stiff tow strap to aid their recovery, ARB recommends their flexible, NATA tested Snatch Strap instead. The Snatch Strap remains elastic when in use for two reasons. Firstly, the elasticity generates kinetic energy which helps aid the recovery. Secondly, your vehicle is less likely to suffer damage due to the strap’s flexibility; the combined weight of your four-wheeler and the force of the obstruction puts incredible stress on the spot where the straps are attached, so flexibility is crucial. Ditch the tow straps, make your vehicle’s recovery easier, and prevent unnecessary damage; get the ARB Snatch Strap today.



    • Minimum Breaking Strength: 33,000lbs
    • Length: 30′
    • Width: 4.3″
    • Stretch: Genuine 20%
    • Material: 100% Nylon
    • Reinforced Eyes: Yes
    • Eye & Seam Protector Sleeves: Yes
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