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Owners of pick-up trucks know firsthand how harsh the ride can be in their unloaded trucks. Heck, even with a considerable load in the bed, the ride is still not exactly luxurious. Sulastic Rubber Springs to the rescue! The rubber springs from Sulastic are an elastic suspension that reduces (and in many cases completely removes) the vibration and shock caused by the leaf spring suspension, improving safety and overall handling of the vehicle. Sulastic rubber springs are designed for the specific spring rate, damping, and spring speed of each make and model of truck to improve ride quality. Sulastic rubber springs do not affect the truck’s load-carrying capacity, and the ride height will remain within 1/4 inch of stock height.




    • Smooths out the ride by just replacing the OEM shackle
    • Reduce Vibration and Shocks Not Absorbed by the Leaf-springs
    • Stops the Bed Bouncing
    • Improve Stability
    • Reduce Braking Distance
    • Load & Towing Capacity Not Affected
    • Improves Handling and Control of the Vehicle




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