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READYLIFT SUSPENSION INC. | 3″” STRUT LEVELING KIT | 2009-2014 F150 2WD 2004-2008 4WD 2WD F150

75.000 KWD

ReadyLIFT leveling kits are the fastest, safest, least expensive way to bring the front of an F-150 level with the rear.  Our innovative Smart Strut Technology mounts on top of the strut assembly, eliminating the hassle, time, and danger of compressing springs. ReadyLIFT steel strut extension maintains a smooth OEM ride without adding pressure to stock suspension components, guaranteed!

35″ Maximum tire diameter

35×11.50 for no rub on a 9″ wide wheel with +12 offset

18″ – 285/75R18

20″ – 295/65R20

22″ – 285/55R22

When lifting a vehicle and installing aftermarket wheels and tires, a tire manufacturer’s construction and material quality can alter vehicle ride quality. When increasing a vehicle wheel and tire size, most larger aftermarket truck and SUV tires are 8-ply (or more) E tires compared to typical OEM 6-ply C tires. This more rigid sidewall construction increases the perception of suspension stiffness often described as ride harshness. The ride, handling, traction, noise, fuel economy, and wear differences between All-Season, All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain, or Trail-Terrain type tires can be significant. Please take into account tire and wheel choice will generally have a meaningful impact on the ride & handling experience.

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