60.000 KWD

This is the same great off-road Power Stretch™ recovery rope as the original but only a few feet shorter. With a breaking strength of 28,600 pounds, this recovery rope is safer and more reliable than other so-called kinetic energy ropes. Comes with its own mesh duffel bag for easy carrying and storing.

Bubba Rope® is the original tougher, safer, off-road recovery rope, developed through our military contracts for pulling vehicles out of mud, sand or snow. It is the only snatch rope for the 4×4 market with a heavy vinyl polymer coating and Gator-ize® eyes.



    • Size: 20 FOOT : 7/8″ x 20′
    • Breaking Strength: 28,600 lbs.
    • Ideal for 4×4 trucks and SUVs


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