28.000 KWD

Mounting a compressor in modern day vehicles has become more and more of a challenge as engine bays in modern vehicles have limited room for the installation of aftermarket accessories.

To combat this, ARB has introduced a high quality, engineered bracket system to integrate your ARB compressor into your vehicle. The Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series Compressor Bracket allows you to install a CKMTA (twin), CKMA (single) or CKSA (locker only) compressor with optional Air Locker Solenoids, 4L Air Tank, Quick Connect Coupling, Switch, Manifold kit (CKMTA only) and ARB LINX PRV (pressure regulator valve) to the rear RHS of the vehicle behind the trim panels.

The RHS rear guard location was chosen as it provided enough space to cater for a twin compressor and 4L air tank, without interfering with or consuming with cargo loading space.

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