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It always pays to have a spare tire with you, both on and off the trail. The ARB BASE Rack Spare Tire Y Strap allows your spare to be securely mounted on your ARB BASE RACK System. With the 1″ wide polyester webbing straps and steel eye bolts, the ARB Spare Wheel Y Strap can handle most wheels from stock to larger off-road wheels. Accessibility is key when a tire change is happening, and the multiple mounting points on the BASE Rack System allow you to position the spare wheels anywhere you like on the rack.




    • 1″ wide polyester webbing straps
    • For use with BASE Rack without the need for additional tie-down points
    • 440 lbs lashing capacity to AS/NZS4380:2001
    • Adjustable one-inch straps suit most tire sizes
    • Supplied with carry bag




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