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Keeping accurate tyre pressure for your tyres is a necessity for good fuel economy, prolonged tyre life and maximum traction. Introducing the new ARB analogue tyre inflator which provides accurate reading and inflation for your next 4WD adventure.

Most four-wheel drivers understand the importance of running the correct tyre pressures for different situations and or load variances. This is why it’s so important to carry an accurate air pressure gauge and tyre inflation equipment in your vehicle, especially when driving off-road. The new ARB analogue tyre inflator makes checking and adjusting your vehicle’s tyre pressures a fast and simple operation thanks to its large easy to read analogue display, big thumb-operated inflator button and easy access deflator bleed button.



    • Compatible with ARB air compressors
    • Easy to read dial with psi & bar scales
    • Bronze Bourdon Tube gauge design
    • Fully geared, solid brass precision movement
    • Protective rubber gauge guard
    • Air bleed button for deflating
    • 600mm stainless braided PVC coated flexible hose
    • Clip-on chuck
    • Incorporates ¼ NPT-US Industrial Interchange male coupling
    • Internal air shut off valve


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