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ARB Universal Series II Internal 5-Sensor TPMS System.

Pre-set your off-road PSI with an amber-coloured off-road mode on the ARB Universal Series II Internal 5-Sensor TPMS System 819103. With the choice of off-road also comes the normal on-road travel settings for a personalized choice of PSI monitoring.

The ARB TPMS Series II offers two profiles for the user, on-road mode for general driving and an amber-coloured off-road mode used to monitor up to five tires. The off-road mode is achieved by pressing the set button twice. This changes the pre-set profiles and causes a faster response on the display to any change in tire pressures. In the on-road setting, the user has set the tire pressure to their choice of PSI per axle, if the user drives off-road they can have their tire pressure pre-set to a different psi. This means as soon as they’re ready to go off-road, they drop the tires to the pre-set psi and change the ARB TPMS to off-road mode with two simple button clicks.

NOTE: Must add ARB TPMS Integrated Display.


    • Universal fitment
    • Set of 5
    • World-leading manufactured Schrader sensors
    • Alerts for when pressure varies more than +/-25% of set psi
    • User-adjustable alert threshold on-road (adjustable range: 23-80 psi/1.5-5.5 bar
    • User-adjustable alert threshold off-road (adjustable range: 5-30 psi/0.3-2.0 bar)
    • Selectable pressure and temperature measuring units (psi/bar/ ̊F)
    • Tire-leakage, low and high pressure, and temperature alarm (audible and visual)
    • Pressure monitoring range: 5-99psi/0.3 – 6.82 bar
    • Low-battery voltage alarm (audible and visual)
    • Operating frequency: 433MHz +/-0.75MHz
    • Operating temperature: -40°F to +248°F
    • Battery life: up to 5 years
    • Sensor weight: 0.06lbs
    • Includes pairing tool for simple set up


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