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New from TJM comes the intelligent DC/Solar battery charger (DC25A): the toughest and most advanced dual battery management system available on the market today. The TJM DC25A allows you to charge your 12V second/auxiliary deep cycle battery on the go. It is shock, vibration and dust proof, as well as water resistant, making it suitable for both in-vehicle and under-bonnet installation. Able to charge simultaneously from both solar and alternator (9–32V) inputs, DC25A can also function as an MPPT solar controller and features dual charging modes for compatibility with both smart and conventional alternators. Loaded with a host of safeguard features, the easy to install unit includes over/under voltage, anti-sparking, reverse connection and over temperature protection systems to ensure peace of mind. The TJM DC25A sets a new benchmark for DC-DC battery management.


The DC25A DC-DC charger is purposely designed for charging auxiliary batteries. It includes all the features needed to maintain the auxiliary battery to its optimum condition and to prolong the battery life.



The DC25A converts your vehicle’s 12VDC/24VDC alternator power to the correct voltage level allowing your batteries to be fully charged, prolonging battery life and reliability. With the latest synchronous switching technology, efficiency of DC25A exceeds 94% at typical full load condition.



Allows two energy sources to power the DC25A simultaneously. Solar input takes precedence if solar and alternator inputs are present. When solar input cannot provide enough energy to the load, the DC25A will draw power from solar and alternator simultaneously.



The DC25A utilises sophisticated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar regulator technology. MPPT maximises the power generated from the solar panels to the auxiliary battery.



Using high speed microcontroller and proprietary charging algorithm, the DC25A delivers a sophisticated 3 stage charging process resulting in a faster and more powerful charge, ideal for deep cycle batteries. The first stage, bulk (constant current), charges the battery faster while the second stage, absorption (constant voltage), ensures the battery is thoroughly charged. The final stage, float, maintains the battery at a safe voltage allowing it to be maintained and ready for use indefinitely.



The DC25A supports GEL, AGM, WET and CALCIUM batteries. If the calcium battery mode is selected, periodic equalisation will be provided to the calcium battery for removing acid stratification.



The DC25A can be wired to the vehicle’s ignition allowing it to operate only when the ignition is turned on. The ignition connection also activates the lower input voltage operation to suit vehicles with smart (variable voltage) alternators.



The DC25A is supplied with a 2 metre temperature sensor. The sensor monitors the battery temperature and adjusts (compensates) the charger’s output to prevent overcharging. This is ideal for batteries used in warmer climates or environments.



Spark-Free Protection

The DC25A will not start charging the battery (no output) unless the load is securely connected. It prevents the output leads from sparking due to accidental short circuit making the charger safer to use around batteries.


Reverse Connection Protection

Reverse connection on input and output terminals does not damage the DC25A internal circuit. The DC25A detects reverse connection condition and indicates whether input or output connection is reversed.


Over and Under Voltage Protection

The charger will automatically shut down if there is an over voltage or under voltage problem.


Over Temperature Protection

The charger will lower its output current if the temperature of the unit begins to overheat.

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